Suffering from neck pain due to a motor vehicle accident?

                                       Suffering from neck pain due to a motor vehicle accident?


Were you recently in an automobile accident?

Your automobile insurance may cover 60 minute massage session in order to get you back on the road to recovery. When you purchased your automobile insurance, you opted to pay a certain premium to get a certain amount of coverage (the higher the premium, the more dollar amount in coverage you receive, most likely). All claims filed by doctors, specialists and massage therapist are paid by this policy. In order to find out if massage therapy is covered, all you have to do is call your insurance company and ask! If they do cover it, I will bill them. Make sure to obtain the following information before coming to your first appointment: 

-claim number

- your policy information AKA your insurance card

-date the accident happened

-a representative who is dealing with the medical portion of your claim

Please note: coverage does not guarantee full payment of services provided. Insurance pays out using an established rate, so some out of pocket expense might be required. Once the funds have reached their maximum, no further coverage is allowed, unless your health insurance has massage therapy covered under your policy as well. For this information, please go to my health insurance section on my website. 

Thank you!